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Agriculture Jobs

Jobs in agriculture is not just about planting corn. Many ag opportunities need science, engineering, and business skills.
Greater than 17% of civilian workforce is involved in some facet of American Agriculture.
Photo Courtesy of the National FFA Organization

Agriculture and related jobs in the U.S. has approximately 23 million people. These jobs range from life science researchers looking at plant genetics to logistics support for crop transport and delivery. The skills required range from mechanical engineering to animal sciences.

Terence Loose, a writer for Yahoo!, in his post College Majors That Are Useless, did a disservice to those people in agriculture who work very hard to make food available to everyone. A group of people organized on Facebook with I Studied Agriculture & I Have A Job to demonstrate that agriculture is important, there are very good jobs in agriculture, and people are happy to be in ag.

According to the, the AgrowKnowledge Enrollment and Employment Outlook Report in 2008 stated that there was a deficit of 9,317 graduates with agriculture degrees to fill open positions in the US. The USDA also estimates there are or will be 54,400 annual openings for individuals with baccalaureate or higher degrees in food, renewable energy, and environmental specialties between 2010 and 2015.

The New York Times reported in January 2012 that graduates in agriculture and natural resources had the low unemployment compared to business, engineering, law, and and several others.

Need some resources? These Ag Career and Job Search Tools are a great starting point. Also, look at these posts about various agriculture jobs and careers.

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