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What Are Agriculture Issues?

Agriculture is complex and has its own set of issues. What are they?
Agriculture Issues
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Agriculture is how food is grown and produced. This is a global activity and it covers many types of food, regions, and people. With everyone on the planet involved in eating, there are many ideas, thoughts, and concerns expressed about food. These concerns get pushed down to the smaller minority of people who do the work of growing the food. Some of the concerns get translated in the regulations, laws, or general policy by specific governments.

What are some issues that farmers and ranchers in the United States experience? Trade is a big one. Global trade is big for many producers. The swine industry has been able to survive the last several years because of profitable trade agreements. Another issues? Feed costs for animal agriculture. Corn as animal feed versus corn as ethanol has been made and remade over that last several years, through US government policy and by energy markets.

Here are some additional issues that have been shared in various ag forums, most recently the 2012 Ag Issues Forum in Nashville, TN, February 28-29, 2012 (agenda):

  1. Food Waste
  2. Global Food Security
  3. Conservation and Sustainability
  4. Environmental
  5. Animal Welfare
  6. Subsidies and Protectionism

Below are several posts that can supplement understanding agriculture issues.

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