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Glimpse Into 2012 Commodity Classic

The 2012 Commodity Classic just ended, social media shares what happened.
#Classic12 Glimpse
@WineePamela, @INSoybean

There were ~1,500 tweets with ~400 links (photos, lots of photos!) and many comments on the food, entertainment, and the people. Snapshots of the tweets (March 1, March 2, & March 3) offer a view into what 311 tweeters thought of #Classic12.

Top tweeter (by number of tweets)? @JPlovesCOTTON (64) followed by @agripulse (38), @HighPlainsJrnl (32), and @StephaniePruitt (30).

Here is a summary view of the 2012 Commodity Classic, pulled from the #Classic12 Tweets and edited for interest and entertainment.

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