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The New Face Of Dairy Farms

Can dairy farms change to take advantages of perceived negatives and make more money?
Dairy Operations Look to Other Revenue Opportunities

The dairy industry is different. The reality is that set milk and feed prices are a thing of the past and many dairy operations need to approach revenue with a new look. Fulper dairy farms, in upstate New Jersey, is tackling what were perceived negatives and turning them into positives with revenue generation potential.

One of their negatives turned positive? Land. The land prices in their region is expensive because it is so close to New York City (about 90 miles). But that negative turns out to be a revenue generating positive. New Yorkers want farm fresh food and being close means dairy products like cheese have more value in the city.

Another revenue generator? Summer dairy farm camps for kids. Yes, kids can spend the week on the farm learning about cows, milking, and making cheese. And their parents will pay for this experiential summer camp.

The NPR Planet Money team provides an excellent inside view of the dairy industry and the new look for dairy operations [blog] [audio].

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