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Markets Make The World Go Around

Markets are to help smooth transactions and keep products flowing. That's the theory.
Grain Coffee

Markets exist to help smooth the flow of information and make the future more predictable. But sometimes it takes a Ph.D. to figure out what is going on when corn goes above $8 and you are sitting on several thousand bushels.

To help figure out markets in general, look in to the video Backwardation Bullish or Bearish (less than 5 minutes, from The Khan Academy). This is a very simple video but it helps set the tone about markets and what they might do. For a more advanced look at futures markets, check out this Yale University Forwards and Futures class lecture (~1 hour 10 minutes).

Wanting to deeply study agriculture economics? The USDA offers a regularly updated Ag Econ department ranking page.

Data? There is a large quantity of market data available from many sources. Some really good sources (beyond the daily market updates) comes from the Federal Reserve's Economic Research & Data page.

Additional resources can be found in this Ag Econ 101 resource page.

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