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Decreasing Resources & Increasing Regulation

What is happening in animal agriculture and who is leading the solutions?
National Institute for Animal Agriculture

The 2012 National Institute for Animal Agriculture Annual Meeting offered many opportunities to learn more about the issues within animal agriculture and what solutions are being pursued. Core to the conversations was the topic of living in a world of decreasing resources & increasing regulation.

Held March 26 - 29, 2012, in Denver, CO, USA, people from many parts of the country representing multiple species learn about the efforts to improve animal identification and its systems, emergency management, emerging diseases, and global animal health.

Presentations of note include Advancing Animal Agriculture with Scarce Resources: An Economic Perspective, Veterinarian’s Oversight of Antimicrobials, and Legal Threats to Animal Agriculture.

Many of the presentations are available in full at the NIAA Conference media landing page. Additional information can be found on the NIAA Proceedings page.

Selected presentations of note are listed below.

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