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Winter Pork Conference Season

Stay connected in the pork industry.
Upcoming Pork Congresses
MN Pork Congress, Iowa Pork Congress

The Minnesota Pork Congress and the Iowa Pork Congress are in a few weeks. Both events offer an opportunity to meet up with friends and colleagues, learn about what the economics of 2013 might look like, and to learn some new information to help improve your farm operations.

Besides sessions on economics (Dr. Steve Meyer at Iowa Pork and MN Pork), feed (Dr. Joel DeRouchey's Managing High Feed Costs at MN Pork, Dr. Matt Swantek & David Stender's Feed Management and Records for Niche Markets at Iowa Pork), there are sessions to help understand consumers (Jarrod Sutton's Messages that Resonate With Consumers at MN Pork) and management (Dr. David Kohl's Farm Transition Management at Iowa Pork).

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