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Better Economy and Expanding Opportunity = New Job

Are you organizing your time and resources to effectively look for a new job?
Careers in Agriculture are Expanding
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Better signs in the economy means that people will start to feel comfortable about looking for new job opportunities. Agriculture is one sector of the economy that has bright spots, in terms of revenue growth and hiring increases.

According to the 2012 - 2013 U.S. Agribusiness HR Review:

86.8% of companies experienced an increase in salaries during the last 12 months, 59.2% of participants expect their workforce to increase in size over the next year, and almost 65% of companies plan to do more college and university recruiting in the next 1 to 5 years.

If you are looking for a new job then taking action to understand what companies are looking for and what they may be prepared to offer. Resources like the 2012 US Agribusiness Job Outlook Report and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics can provide information to prepare you.

Other resources to enhance your search include agriculture university career services. For example the Purdue University Agricultural Careers page offers resources for alumni and Kansas State University has salary resource guides. Other universities will have similar resources.

Finally, use the power of that network you have developed over the years. Ask colleagues at meetings about trends, talk to friends to discover what they are doing, and call upon industry professionals you trust to learn about their careers. Use digital networks like LinkedIn to see what people and companies are doing.

LinkedIn tip: Look for agriculture companies using a term like 'agriculture' your city or region. The list returned offers a quick view on company size by employees, industry focus, and possible connections you have made at those companies. Call up those people to learn more about them and their companies.

Looking for a new job is never easy. You need to be diligent, persevere, and thoughtful of those you contact. But in expanding industries and improving economic times more opportunities open up and your odds of success improves.

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