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Sick Pigs, Vets Needed

What are some of the issues on swine disease transmission?
Vertical Transmission in Swine
Dr. Edgar Diaz, Dr. Jim Lowe

Swine veterinarians convened for the American Association of Swine Veterinarians (AASV) conference in March 2013 in San Diego, CA, USA, to learn about issues in the swine industry.

Before the AASV conference Boehringer Ingelheim hosted a seminar on Vertical Transmission. The sessions covered the process of disease prevention and what steps are needed to improve such prevention steps. Also presented is the idea of chain thinking: production chain, infection chain, and prevention chain.

Take away statements: "Have we overlooked the: importance, scope, damage, detection, measurement, and tools for vertical transmission?" and "What you see in late finishing is merely a reflection of what happened 6-10 months ago in the sow farm; and Vaccines are not the problem nor are they they solution, they are one tool of many that we need to employ."

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