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How are Technology and Agriculture Working Together?

Agriculture uses technology in many ways. Not just tractors, but information technology, biotechnology, and marketing technology.
NIAA Merging Values and Technology

This year's National Institute for Animal Agriculture conference provided a cross-section of the livestock industry unlike any other event. Gathered in one location are Beef, Dairy, Swine, Poultry, Sheep, Goats, Aquaculture - every important segment of meat protein production in the U.S.

Conference Connection NIAA Merging Values and Technology.

One of the session tracks focused on Foot and Mouth Disease preparedness. The working session was especially valuable given the range of industries represented. Other tracks include using information technology approaches to track animal disease issues and updates on specific species issues.

Below are several opening and closing sessions that offer some future and historical perspectives on agriculture and what society in general should consider.

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