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Summer Ag Things

Slow summer but still agriculture occurs. Learn about time management and what info consumers want.
Consumers Need info and Procrastination Rules
Rita Emmett and Wikimedia

This article has a mix of interviews and media stories to help with time management and to help you prepare to handle information for the Animal Disease Traceability final rule.

Are you worried about equipment theft? What about equipment that is not easily monitored by staff? Netirrigate offers example security options for remote irrigation systems [audio].

Are you a procrastinator? Do you feel overwhelmed with too much to do and not enough time to do it all? Rita Emmett shares some tips and approaches to helping change your habits to "gain" more time for the things you want to do [audio].

Canadian swine producers are expressing concern over proposed sow housing requirements in the National Farm Animal Care Council’s Pig Code of Practice, according to Saskatchewan Pork’s Producer Services Manager, Harvey Wagner [audio]. Public comment being accepted through August 3, 2013.

And lastly, consumers still want information about food and agriculture. While it may be easy to lay low and let other media handle the stories, the best opportunity for you is to be direct with consumers and share your information. Dr. Temple Grandin shares her perspective on animal handling and how the industry needs to improve the way consumers view us [audio].

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