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What is the Future of Food?

Being in agriculture is also being part of the food ecosystem. What are trends and opportunities farmers and ranchers need to follow?
Future of Food

Agriculture is becoming more than just growing corn, soybeans, cattle, chickens, and pigs. There are many players in agriculture beyond the farm to help organize produce, deliver supplies, develop products, and distribute to sellers. Farm products are transformed into various food products delivered through a variety of outlets.

Also, there are many constituents groups representing the players across a wide ecosystem. Organizations like the National Grocers Association and the National Restaurant Association are front and center as a connecting bridge between consumers and agriculture producers.

The Institute for the Future is helping create conversations around food and its future with a series called the Global Food Outlook. This effort includes hosting virtual exchanges (discussions online), bringing people together to discuss food issues and concerns. In the most recent virtual exchange [Sept 18, 2013] the topics ranged from food access, the definition of foodie, food hubs, and the impacts/benefits of refrigeration [information link][Twitter conversation].

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