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NIAA Bridging the Gap Between Animal Health and Human Health symposium

What are the issues of antibiotics, who is helping make change, and what is next?
Antibiotic Confusion, What Is The Future?

The time has come when academia, government researchers, the scientific community and stakeholders within animal agriculture, human medicine and the environment learn from each other and seek resolution on the polarizing and the often misunderstood issues of antimicrobial use and resistance. The Bridging the Gap Between Animal Health and Human Health Symposium is that place for sharing and learning to occur.

The National Institute for Animal Agriculture brought together people across the spectrum from agriculture, consumer health, and retail food, to share their views on antibiotic resistance, agriculture's use of antibiotics, and consumer perceptions of antibiotics.

Of note are Consumers, Superbugs, and Food by Ms. Susan Vaughn Grooters, Food Safety Research & Policy, Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI); and Public Health Impact of Antimicrobial Resistance by Dr. Steven Solomon, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Both presenters offer views into and about the topic of antibiotic use in agriculture. Below are additional presentations from the series.

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