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Real Weather, Real Impacts

Real weather is affecting farms, ranches, and people.
Real Weather Is Happening Now
Wikimedia Commons, iStockphoto

Weather is kicking off the New Year with extreme colds and snow across the USA. These weather fronts are impacting travel and in many areas, power. The conversation is shifting from global warming (true or not) to real weather is occurring and it is impacting farms and ranches.

A series of recent articles talks about the water shortages and how they are forcing the conversations on

"water-related catastrophes, including extreme flooding, drought, and groundwater depletion"

Others are reporting on water delivery systems and the need to address the systemic issues and infrastructure.

The recent snow and cold brought forth the science of the changing jet stream patterns [article]. For a good explanation on the jet stream and the measured changes, see this YouTube video by Dr. Jennifer Francis, Institute of Marine and Coastal Science, Rutgers University [video].

What can you do? First get information. The US National Weather Service offers the tools to help understand what is happening, what is coming, and other supporting information. Next, get an app to take with you. There are many weather apps from which to choose and several with location depth. Lastly, get involved in conversations. There are water conservation boards, soil conversation boards, and conferences on the science of weather.

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