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2014 Missouri Pork Expo

Besides swine disease issues, what other concerns do pork production managers have?
Missouri Pork Expo
Missouri Pork Association

While PEDV is still a top concern among pork producers, other topics are in need of refreshed info. Included in this year's Missouri Pork Expo were several sessions on manure and lagoon management [panel, tips]. Dr. Steve Meyer also helps bring focus on the meat markets and how recent US government shut down issues disrupted the flow of information [presentation].

For the barbecue cook in us all, we are treated to some tips and help from People That Have Been At It Awhile [audio]. Elliot Mellow, BBQ Always Smoked, Absolutely Perfect (ASAP), and Chef Adams Wells Morgan, Executive Chef, The Club at Old Hawthorne, provide audience with info to take make your BBQ better.

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