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Big Data, Big Opportunities

Farms and ranches generate lots of data. Now is the time to plan for gaining value out of that pool of data.

Agriculture relies on data turned into information turned into decisions. Weather, commodity markets, animal health records, and customer buying data all are part of running an agriculture operation.

The technology and the business environment today now allows for greater collection of base data and the tools to transform it into valuable information. Working with partners and customers to grow businesses, improve processes, and increase profits, big data represent a new revenue vien.

From the 2014 Indiana Livestock Forage and Grain Forum (agenda ), keynote Kenneth Cukier, Data Editor at The Economist, says agriculture, with data coming from equipment, land, and weather, is already in the Big Data world.

Following the keynote, Sarah Wyant, president of Agri-Pulse Communications, led a panel discussion and QA session with Kip Tom, owner of Tom Farms, president and CEO of CereServ, Inc; Matt Bechdol, president of GeoSilos; Matt Erickson, economist of American Farm Bureau; and Sarina Sharp, Ag Business Solutions. They discussed topics around data privacy, data security, and data ownership, plus what it means for agriculture.