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2015 World Pork Expo

Pork economics and focus on costs are always a key topic at the World Pork Expo.
Respect the Pig! The World Pork Expo for 2015.

Antibiotics, Trade, and Pork Quality The 2015 World Pork Expo (June 3 - 5, 2015, Des Moines, IA, USA) offered other interests beyond the past several years of PEDv: International Trade and Pork Quality sessions offered inside on how consumer are driving business. Also on the conversation channels: Antibiotics and new changes shared by the U.S. FDA.

Of note:

  • The U.S. FDA released new information on the use of antibiotics and agriculture. Dr. Jennifer Koeman, National Pork Board, and Dr. Harry Snelson, American Association Swine Veterinarians, break down the new changes and their implications. Dr. Koeman and Dr. Snelson also provide producers guidance points on what to do to prepare farms and staff [video].
  • Dr. Chris Hostetler, National Pork Board, points out the definition of Sow Lifetime Productivity and provides data that challenges some of the traditional views of improving Sow Lifetime Productivity. Dr. Hostetler offers research that can help improve productivity. Key take away: Improvement in sow lifetime productivity will substantially impact profitability of all phases of production [video].

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