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What Are The Antibiotic Issues Consumers Want To See Changed?

Antibiotic resistance is a concern and many people focus on agriculture because it is an easy target. What is agriculture doing about the use of antibiotics for animal health?
2015 NIAA Symposium - Antibiotic Stewardship

Human and animal health experts came together in Atlanta, GA for the fifth NIAA Antibiotic Symposium to discuss issues related to antibiotic resistance and to work toward increased antibiotic stewardship, in both human medicine and animal health. Throughout the dialogue, attention was focused on specific areas which can be measured in order to verify the progress made in reducing antimicrobial resistance [ConferenceConnection].

Convened by the National Institute for Animal Agriculture (NIAA) and supported by several industry stakeholders, commodity groups, and public health entities, this national symposium brought together a broad cross-section of professionals to share relevant science and develop consensus on those key areas in which the most progress may be made.

Two presentations of note: