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2015 North American PRRS

Products from research on this swine disease helps save tens of millions of dollars each year. Yet there is more that can be done.
2015 North American PRRS

This annual conference featuring both research virologists and practitioners marked the release of the most important industry discovery in recent times. Dr. Randy Prather (University of Missouri) shared his findings on the genetic key to PRRS resistance [video][slides]. In addition, the "Genetics of Host Resistance to PRRS and PCV2" by Iowa State’s Dr. Jack Dekkers was widely discussed and can be viewed here [video].

Organizers also shared that while PRRS has been the focus for this international conference, future meetings will be expanded to include other industry disease issues such as PED and PCV2.

FYI, The list of the speakers and their backgrounds offer some insight into their PRRS work.

2015 North American PRRS was held December 4 - 5, 2015, Chicago, IL, USA.