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2016 Missouri Pork Expo

How do youth swine programs reduce the risks of animal health issues, inform on the proper use of medication, and develop awareness on animal welfare programs?
Missouri Pork Association

The Missouri Pork Expo brought some focus on reaching out to 4-H and FFA swine exhibitors. Session included helping young exhibitors learn about reducing the risks of animal health issues, proper use of medication, and developing awareness on animal welfare programs.

On the topic of Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD), Dr. Dave Pyburn, National Pork Board, talks about working with smaller producers to help them understand the changes coming January 1, 2017 that all producers, big and small, must plan for [video].

And the topic of BBQ, "Let’s Talk BBQ" by Steve Demaray, Lynch Livestock, shared how the event of a BBQ helps build community. And for the cooking enthusiast, Mr. Demaray shared choosing wood, meat cut selection, and understanding proper "saucing" [video].