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How did Canada develop a traceability standard and what were the hurdles?

How is traceability important for distinguishing products in the global market?

African Swine Fever is not a China problem but one of concern in Asia, Russia, and the EU. If it gets into the USA there will be serious impacts to pork producers.

Vance Crowe, Director of Millennial Engagement at Monsanto, demonstrates how to think strategically about how you can make your network to be bigger, more resilient, and better able to compete with the networks built by those selling fear.

John Blue

 et al.

This annual conference brings together specialists and domain experts in the fields of animal and human health to share conversations and research on specific diseases, species, and operations concerns. This year's focus is on Livestock Traceability.

The 2018 Stakeholders Summit, themed "Protect Your Roots", inspired attendees representing all facets of animal agriculture to be proud of their past and current roles in the industry and challenged them to be forward-thinking about how we can continue to grow into the future.

This conference highlights the research and practical applications of crop science to be ready for the future of farming.

Genetically modified organism (GMO) conversations are always roiling around the internet. Managing public relations for any company involved in GMOs requires being calm, firm, organized, and well connected to the conversations.

The growing zones are shifting and the impacts to agriculture will happen. Imagine states like Ohio, through 2095, having winters like North Carolina today and summers like Arkansas today.

What are some of the risks producers must keep in their eyesight when managing their operations?

Using data in agriculture and food is critical to understanding consumers driving trends.

What is important about science communications?

Building a movement to modernize government for a digital age which has now spread, what does that look like?

What is McDonald's approach to beef sustainability?

What are the issues in beef production and why are consumers interested?

CommonGround is a platform for farmers to connect with consumers over coffee, baseball games, or food.

Leah Beyer, Global Digital Communications Director, Elanco, shares stories that highlight how (mis)information may spread on social media and, sometimes, the spread is done by the very people who don't want it to spread.

Ms. Anya Gandy

 et al.

What are younger adults (Millennials) doing to engage people in conversation on food and agriculture?

How did Jay Hill get started in agriculture and how does he work through problems?

Ned Arthur

 et al.

Growing world food supplies are of concern to people in agriculture and governments as they look to the year 2050 and the expected population of 10 billion people. What is needed to help support that future state?

Are you all in on your food and how you choose it? Do you feel there is more to food than jut eating it? Then you can help! Share your views on the 2017 Collegiate Congress Food Panel.

How has the Swine Health Information Center fared since its beginning?

This annual conference featuring both researchers and practitioners shares actionable data and information to help understand and manage Porcine Reproductive & Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS).

Ned Arthur

 et al.

Conversations throughout the Allen D. Leman pre-conference on Saturday and Sunday, as well as the Monday and Tuesday conference programs, were centered on moving information from researchers to producers, and vice-versa. It’s one of the reasons this conference has such a widely regarded international presence.