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What is important about science communications?

What is McDonald's approach to beef sustainability?

What are the issues in beef production and why are consumers interested?

CommonGround is a platform for farmers to connect with consumers over coffee, baseball games, or food.

Leah Beyer, Global Digital Communications Director, Elanco, shares stories that highlight how (mis)information may spread on social media and, sometimes, the spread is done by the very people who don't want it to spread.

Ms. Anya Gandy

 et al.

What are younger adults (Millennials) doing to engage people in conversation on food and agriculture?

How did Jay Hill get started in agriculture and how does he work through problems?

Are you all in on your food and how you choose it? Do you feel there is more to food than jut eating it? Then you can help! Share your views on the 2017 Collegiate Congress Food Panel.

How has the Swine Health Information Center fared since its beginning?

This annual conference featuring both researchers and practitioners shares actionable data and information to help understand and manage Porcine Reproductive & Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS).

Ned Arthur

 et al.

Conversations throughout the Allen D. Leman pre-conference on Saturday and Sunday, as well as the Monday and Tuesday conference programs, were centered on moving information from researchers to producers, and vice-versa. It’s one of the reasons this conference has such a widely regarded international presence.

Learn more about some of the sessions you missed with SwineCast's coverage of the 2016 Power Of The Past, Force Of The Future Customer Appreciation event, August 16, 2016, hosted by Rensselaer Swine Services and Bethany Swine Health Services, Jasper Country Fairgrounds, IN, USA.

What are the approaches to better consumer awareness and engagement on the topics of food and agriculture?

Missouri Pork Expo brought some focus on reaching out to 4-H and FFA swine exhibitors. Session included helping young exhibitors learn about reducing the risks of animal health issues, proper use of medication, and developing awareness on animal welfare programs.

What are the issues in pork that Iowa producers need to stay focused on?

This annual conference featuring both research virologists and practitioners marked the release of the most important industry discovery in recent times.

What is the focus of various swine health & disease issues, plus how is research helping both veterinarians and farm management / staff?

Ned Arthur

 et al.

Human and animal health experts came together in Atlanta, GA to discuss issues related to antibiotic resistance and to work toward increased antibiotic stewardship, in both human medicine and animal health. Throughout the dialogue, attention was focused on specific areas which can be measured in order to verify the progress made in reducing antimicrobial resistance.

The 2015 Carolina Swine Health Seminar focused this year on antibiotics and the new directions via the Veterinary Feed Directive. Also timely is the presentation by Dr. Robert Desrosiers on Emerging Diseases:The Past and Future.

The Pork Academy is a series of presentations held at the World Pork Expo that highlights Pork Checkoff funded research aimed at helping pork farm operations, management, and staff.

Ned Arthur

 et al.

Water is a critical element to everything. With many players and rules that have built up over the years, understanding and solving the coming water issues will not be easy nor simple.

Ned Arthur

 et al.

This year there was less focus on porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDv, though it is still a concern). More sessions highlighted trade, economics, and sow live time productivity. And of course there was lots of BBQ and tenderloin sandwiches to be had.

John Blue

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How are consumers seeing agriculture? What are people in agriculture doing to make connections?

Today food conversations are too fragmented and many times contentious. Danielle Nierenberg and FoodTank aim to bring the conversations of food to the forefront through digital channels, live events with large media channels (like the New York Times), and conversations with groups while eating a meal.