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How can consumers learn about the role of antibiotics and antimicrobials in animal agriculture? What are their concerns? What are people taking action on?

Data is everywhere. Are farmers and ranchers taking advantage of the opportunities?

Ned Arthur

 et al.

What is the state of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDv)?

Ned Arthur

 et al.

PEDV was top of mind at the Minnesota Pork Congress, with a panel discussion plus update on US PEDV activity.

Forget global warming and climate change conversations. Real weather is happening and no matter the cause, business have to plan and change to meet the new patterns.

What are the antibiotic use views of academia, government researchers, the scientific community and stakeholders within animal agriculture, human medicine and the environment? This symposium offers several presentations from these perspectives.

Data is more available now than ever yet being able to sort through it all for decision making is difficult.

What are the concerns of people around the global on agriculture, food, and society? How are farmers, ranchers, and other approaching solutions to these concerns?

What are some of the issues in feeding sick pigs and what should swine barn staff consider? Also, is Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus testing the USA National Biosecurity processes and are people really ready?

California farmers use 50,000 to 75,000 tons of plastic per year. Americans do less recycling and ship plastic trash to China. China wants better quality plastic and has setup a Green Fence policy. This will force the USA to upgrade facilities to handle plastic better so China will buy it.

Making predictions about the future is part of planning. But how is that working over time? And what do you look at?

The conversations about world food production and harvesting the world biosphere to support the population is gaining attention of influential people.

One of the National Pork Board’s responsibilities is for Checkoff-funded research. The Pork Checkoff page on SwineCast highlights recent Checkoff-funded research that producers may find valuable on their farm.

John Blue

 et al.

Economics, weather, and animal health were major conversations during the World Pork Expo. Many of the key presentations and press conferences are available to help your management and barn staff.

Some people believe just stopping the use on food animal farms will stop issues. Others say that is not the case. And consumers are still wanting information.

When you think of agriculture and technology, many people invision tractors. Yes, tractors are some of the technology farmers and ranchers use. But other technologies, like information technology and biotechnology, as also key tools needed for agriculture to succeed.

Boehringer Ingelheim hosted a seminar on Vertical Transmission, bringing together swine veterinarians from around the US to talk about… sick pigs. What is vertical transmission and how does that impact pork operations?

Yes, farmers and ranchers are using social media full force to share their experiences. What does the future look like and what are approaches agriculture needs to think about when sharing?

Companies are taking advantage of the improving economies and expanding business opportunities. With these efforts comes the need to find people to take on the work being created. If you are looking for a new job then use the information resources easily available to improve your chances of success.

Working on the idea of dying is not something people "love" to do, but planning now helps alleviate the loss later.

The word subsidy lumps many forms of agriculture support into one word when it is really many types of support.

Yes, there are careers in agriculture. And it is not all about dirt. Plant sciences, animal sciences, and equipment design all are part of the agriculture ecosystem.

What are some of the issues with animal welfare? Who are the people speaking up?

Winter months for the many in agriculture are a time catchup on training and meet up with friends and colleagues. The pork industry is no exception. Coming up in January are several key events.