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Dairy farms' reliance on fixed feed cost inputs and milk price outputs are long over. Dairy farming technology in genetics, nutrition, and milk production have come along way. Yet dairy revenues for many farms are flat on a per hour basis. What are some other revenue generating opportunities?

What happened at the 2012 Commodity Classic? Social media gives a glimpse.

Agriculture crosses many lines, boundaries, and groups of people. Anytime there are such lines there will be issues. People don't all agree and this creates conflict. Before taking on the issues, you have to learn about the issues and people behind them.

Can the use of corn as food co-exist with the idea of corn as fuel?

Looking for a career? Agriculture is not just about tractors, soil, and animals!

China needs resources to nutritionally sustain its population. What is China's agriculture history and its future direction?

Todd Rickets

 et al.

Agriculture software is starting to be developed for smartphones. These applications will enhance the productivity and save time for many agri-business people because they are portable and easily available.

Consumers are starting to take notice of the issues raised by research about the use of antibiotics in food animals. The discussions go beyond science and research, into the areas of consumer purchasing decisions and food marketing.

Get a group of talented group of people together to deconstruct the 2012 Farm Bill brings out new points of view and helps further conversations.  

The HSUS has a plan for how social media is to be used to create a true following for their issues campaigns. Learn what they do and how they approach people online.

There are several hundred food related recalls per year. The ability to find where food originated and how consumers received it is key to quick responses.