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Lynette Spicer - How do webinars enhance eXtension communities of practice?

Lynette Spicer moderates a panel discussion on how webinars enhance eXtension communities of practice. On the panel are Debra Heleba, eOrganic: The Organic Agriculture Community of Practice for extension; Sarah Baughman, Military Families; Donna Amaral-Phillips, DAIReXNET. From the 2012 National eXtension Conference, Oklahoma City, OK, USA, October 2, 2012.

eXtension contributors and Cooperative Extension folks across the country are increasingly using webinars as an efficient education tool to reach and engage the public. Representatives from three CoPs will offer lessons learned, best practices, and help you think about how to improve your webinars or get a great start if you’ve not tried webinars for the public. The panel will address these basic questions and more: What 3 roles are vital to create a successful webinar? What are the goals of your webinars? What is your content strategy? How do you promote your webinars? How do you evaluate your webinars?

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Audio: Panel on how webinars enhance eXtension communities.

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