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Kristi Cooper and Brenda Schmitt - How was the Eco-Family Virtual Conference Created?

Kristi Cooper and Brenda Schmitt talk about the Eco-Family Virtual Conference and how it was created. What stared out as a real life event within a learning center that did not gain enough registrations turned into a digital and virtual conference. From the 2012 National eXtension Conference, Oklahoma City, OK, USA, October 2, 2012.

Healthy Environments = Healthy People! Imagine learning sustainable living at your kitchen table and your teacher is on his own front porch! Using Adobe Connect to reach people statewide helped change the original conference topics and speakers into 6 monthly broadcast presentations. The effort focused on 90-minute sessions with experts in Local Food Systems, Connecting with Nature, Green Schools, Rainscaping, Edible Landscapes and Compost 101.

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Audio: How the Eco-Family Virtual Conference Developed.

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