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Big Data Panel - Data Equals Farm Operation Growth Opportunities

Farming Big Data Farmers should take every opportunity to gain value from the data they generate. This Big Data discussion panel during the 2014 Livestock Forage and Grain Forum  (agenda ) offered thoughts on the issues of data collection, data privacy, data ownership, and the value of data for farmers and ranchers. 

Big Data: What it Means for Agriculture - Panel Discussion and QA session moderated by Sarah Wyant, president of Agri-Pulse Communications. Panelists included:

  • Kip Tom, owner of Tom Farms, president and CEO of CereServ, Inc.
  • Matt Bechdol, president of GeoSilos
  • Matt Erickson, economist of American Farm Bureau
  • Sarina Sharp, Ag Business Solutions

Direct link to MP3 audio.

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