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Panel: Does Big = Bad?

Does Big = Bad?Does Big = Bad? - Panel: Emily Zweber, Zweber Farms and Executive Director for the AgChat Foundation; Janice Person, a member of Monsanto’s corporate engagement team; Ray Prock, Owner of Ray-Lin Dairy; Tamara Nelson, Senior Director of Commodities for Illinois Farm Bureau, from the Animal Agriculture Alliance Stakeholder Summit Titled Cracking the Millennial Code Stakeholder Summit, May 8 - 9, 2014, Crystal City, VA, USA.

The idea of Big Ag has carried forward a view of agriculture that is now equated to being "bad". But is that really true? This panel offers perspective from several panelists that represent agriculture form a variety of sizes.

Janice Person said "People can put Big Ag as a logo or a building, but when you personalize it, when you start talking about what you do, your part of agriculture, that is where barriers get broken."

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