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SwineCast Update for January 12, 2011, Locate Your McRib?

SwineCast will be joining you at the MN Pork Congress (St. Paul, Jan 18-19) and the Iowa Pork Congress (Des Moines, Jan 25-26).  In addition we'll be sharing coverage of the Banff Swine Seminar, courtesy good friend Bruce Cochrane.  Be sure to check back regularly, or better yet set up your free downloads via iTunes to carry SwineCast with you [iTunes link].

Be sure to hear the conversation with Chris Novak, CEO of the National Pork Board, as we discuss strategic communication efforts currently underway to increase consumption in the U.S.  Good stuff, and a link to the McRib Tracker website!

SwineCast® Conversations

  1. Audio: Is "Pork. Be Inspired" Inspiring Consumers? - National Pork Board CEO Chris Novak discusses the "Pork.  Be Inspired." campaign along with other strategic marketing efforts.
  2. Audio: How Does Pork Translational Research Work? - Ken Engle, Prairie Swine Centre, shares update on efforts to get research into production.
  3. Video: What Are Hog Densities in the US? - Dr. Enrique Mondaca provides PRRS ARC&E updates from the 2011 International PRRS Symposium, focusing on the hog densities at the state and county level in the US.

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