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SwineCast Update for January 26, 2012, Are Your Biosecurity Processes Updated?

Back in the 80's, some of Mike Brumm's research at the University of Nebraska indicated room temperatures could be lowered overnight in the nursery without affecting health or efficiency.  Dr. Lee Johnston, University of Minnesota, has picked up that baton and carries it with updated information but similar results. Lowering that furnace kick-on setting fifteen degrees can drop your fuel bill around 20% [audio].

At The Meeting returns to SwineCast with a deep dive on bio-security [audio]. The Morrison Group reviews practices and procedures that lessen your potential for a profit-numbing break.

Conversations from the Iowa Pork Congress highlights that new construction is underway in every quadrant of the state. Dr. Steve Meyer says his larger concern at the moment is shackle space, not floor space. And the issue may grow in 2013.

SwineCast® Conversations

  1. Audio: Deep Dives On Biosecurity - Deep dive on swine farm biosecurity, specifically related to PRRSv. This panel conversation reviews some of the presentations from the 2011 Leman Conference and the 2011 International PRRS Symposium.
  2. Audio: Significant Energy Savings from Lowering Overnight Nursery Temperatures - Dr. Lee Johnston, University of Minnesota, presented research on dropping nighttime temperatures in the nursery and lowering fuel costs some 20%. 
  3. Video: PRRS Education Materials - PRRS Education Materials - Dr. Laura Batista, Boehringer Ingelheim, shares what tools and educational materials are available to help combat PRRSv. From the 2011 International PRRS Symposium, December 2 - 3, 2011, Chicago, IL, USA.

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