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Truffle Media Update for February 1, 2012, I Studied Agriculture & I Have A Job

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Marketing and Agriculture Posts To Help You

  1. I Studied Agriculture & I Have A Job - Terence Loose, a writer for Yahoo!, in his post College Majors That Are Useless, suggested agriculture degrees were worthless and did a disservice to those people in agriculture who work very hard to make food available to everyone. In response, a group of people organized on Facebook with I Studied Agriculture & I Have A Job to demonstrate that agriculture is important, there are very good jobs in agriculture, and people are happy to be in ag. Additionally, many others responded by blogging and participating on the recent AgChat conversation on ag jobs and careers.
  2. Video: Playing With Pigs - How can you not love this! Pigs that play. This art and design project from Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU) Wageningen University and Research Centre aims to understand how to provide entertainment to pigs. The driver for this research is European legislation that requires pig farmers to provide entertainment in the pens to combat boredom, aggression and tail biting amongst pigs, which will hopefully eliminate the need for routine tail-docking [video].
  3. Webinar: Taking Dairy Advocacy to the Next Level - Taking Online Dairy Advocacy to the Next Level - Michele Ruby, with support from Dairy Management Inc. and, December 14, 2011 [webinar].
  4. SwineCast Video: Livestock and Meat Market Outlook - Dr. Steve Meyer, Paragon Economics, Inc., provides an update on the US and global demand for protein. Core issues to keep an eye on for 2012? Exports, U.S. demand, feed prices, and hog/pork supplies [video].
  5. DairyCast audio: Unrest Affecting Your Financing Abilities? - Paul DeBriyn, President and CEO of AgStar Financial, says strong balance sheets and a good business plan are a must to open lender's doors [audio].
  6. PoultryCast audio: Putting Your Poultry House On Wheels - Transport Air Quality - From the International Poultry Scientific Forum in Atlanta, Dr. Malcomb Mitchell, Scottish Ag College, talks about transportation configurations which ensure animal comfort and harvest quality [audio].

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