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DairyCast Update for Februray 3, 2012, Ag Financial Landscape

AgStar's Paul DeBriyn says there's no shortage of money for those that can show good risk management and marketing skills. He provides thoughts on industry financing and looking at the strength of agriculture's balance sheet.

Information To Help Your Operations

  1. Video: Dairy Farm Stories via Social Media - How can you utilize social media in agriculture? What steps should you take when general media portrays farming operations in a negative light? This webinar offers some guidance, tools, and resources to help. Webinar from Dairy Management Inc. and, December 14, 2011 [video].
  2. Audio: Financial Unrest Affect Your Financing Abilities? - Strong balance sheets and a good business plan are important to opening lender doors, according to Paul DeBriyn, President and CEO of AgStar Financial [audio].
  3. I Studied Agriculture & I Have A Job - Terence Loose, a writer for Yahoo!, in his post College Majors That Are Useless, suggested agriculture degrees were worthless and did a disservice to those people in agriculture who work very hard to make food available to everyone. In response, a group of people organized on Facebook with I Studied Agriculture & I Have A Job to demonstrate that agriculture is important, there are very good jobs in agriculture, and people are happy to be in ag. Additionally, many others responded by blogging and participating on the recent AgChat conversation on ag jobs and careers.

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