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SwineCast Update for February 9, 2012, Update on Iowa Environmental Issues

The series of presentations now online at will be of value for your organization. From the the Minnesota Pork Congress facility management presentation to Eldon McAfee's presentation on Iowa Environmental Issues (which includes a great update on national and international concerns), these are a great crop of management and production information. Please make use of these resources.

We have had many inquiries in the past on presentations available. There are several years of presentations and conversations in the archive. Just enter the topic of interest in the search box on the SwineCast home page and see what comes up. Or use the Browse Topics library to get started.

BTW - our purpose is to extended the sharing of industry information. If your organization or business is interested in joining us in this endeavor, drop me a line at

SwineCast® Conversations

  1. Audio: Feed Efficiency Factors And Lower Costs
    - Roger Campbell from Pork CRC talks about maximizing feed efficiency, phase feeding, and factors affecting feed costs [audio].
  2. Video: Market Outlook - Dr. Steve Meyer, during his Minnesota Pork Congress presentation, stated "Total feed supply is going down. This means we either get more efficient or we get smaller." His presentation also covers several bright spots in 2011, including trade, and he projects out into 2012 the things to watch out for: exports, U.S. Demand, feed prices, hog/pork supplies, and packing capacity [video].
  3. Audio: Pay Attention To Balance Sheets, Not Market Noise
    - Paul DeBriyn, President and CEO of AgStar Financial, says strong balance sheet and a good business plan opens lender doors [audio].
  4. Video: Iowa Environmental Issues - Eldon McAfee, Beving Swanson & Forrest, provide great details on Iowa Regulations & nuisance cases. From the 2012 Iowa Pork Congress, January 24 - 26, Des Moines, IA, USA. from the 2012 Iowa Pork Congress, January 24 - 26, Des Moines, IA, USA [video]
  5. I Studied Agriculture & I Have A Job - Terence Loose, a writer for Yahoo!, in his post College Majors That Are Useless, suggested agriculture degrees were worthless and did a disservice to those people in agriculture who work very hard to make food available to everyone. In response, a group of people organized on Facebook with I Studied Agriculture & I Have A Job to demonstrate that agriculture is important, there are very good jobs in agriculture, and people are happy to be in ag. Additionally, many others responded by blogging and participating on the recent AgChat conversation on ag jobs and careers.

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