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PoultryCast Update for February 16, 2012, Agriculture Economic New Normals?

The ethanol industry points to millions of tons of DDGs returning to the livestock industry to replace corn turned to fuel. We've found some downside to that argument with changes in fat appearance and oil content. The pork industry struggles with bacons they can't slice and that fail their 'flop' test for firmness. Auburn's Dr. Ken Macklin shares his research on another concern for DDG 'enhanced' rations, the potential increase in necrotic enteritis when using the feed [audio]. 

Information To Help Your Operations

  1. Audio: DDGs and Necrotic Enteritis? - Dr. Ken Macklin, Auburn University, provides an overview of his International Poultry Scientific Forum on the effect of DDGs on necrotic enteritis. Dr. Macklin seems to believe there is a relationship between the two [audio].
  2. Audio: The New Normal? - If you're hoping for lower volatility soon, economist Dr. Steve Meyer says it won't be evident in 2012. Noting he could see corn prices at $4, and just as easily see it at $8, the tight supply concern will likely continue. The potential for drought in the midwest only heightens the risk of supply interruption as Dr. Meyer noted in this abbreviated presentation for producers [audio] [slides].
  3. Learn How Social Media Is Being Used by HSUS - This presentation by Carie Lewis, Director of Emerging Media, The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), offers a great view in to how HSUS is strategic in its use of social media. While you may or may not like the HSUS, they do have a plan and know where they need to go. Everyone in agriculture needs to leverage this HSUS information to help advocate (a.k.a. agvocate) their agriculture, farm, and ranch story [presentation].

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