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Truffle Media Update for February 29, 2012, Are Farmers and Ranchers Speaking for Themselves?

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Marketing and Agriculture Posts To Help You

  1. Layer your marketing like a BLT - "When was the last time you ate a BLT in which the lettuce, tomato, and bacon were kept on discrete portions of the bread?" Christopher S. Penn shares a food analogy to marketing using social and digital media [blog].
  2. How To: Social Media Being Used by HSUS - While you may or may not like the HSUS, they do have a plan and know where they need to go. Everyone in agriculture needs to leverage this HSUS information to help advocate (a.k.a. agvocate) their agriculture, farm, and ranch story [presentation].
  3. Chat: Spring Farm Planning - Spring is almost here and that means getting ready for a season change on the farm. Planting, juggling staff, readying new equipment are some of the activities that need to get done. And the weather? This AgChat convo shares what farmers and ranchers are doing to get ready for spring [chat].
  4. DairyCast Audio: How Do We Miss Antibiotic Residues On Cull Cows? - Dr. Mike Appley, Kansas State, provided an excellent background on the causes of antibiotic residues in cull cows and how they're measured, from the recent Cattle Industry Convention Dairy Producers Communications Forum [audio, part 1] - [audio, part 2].
  5. PoultryCast Audio: The New Normal? - If you're hoping for lower volatility soon, economist Dr. Steve Meyer says it won't be evident in 2012. Noting he could see corn prices at $4, and just as easily see it at $8, the tight supply concern will likely continue. The potential for drought in the midwest only heightens the risk of supply interruption as Dr. Meyer noted in this abbreviated presentation for producers [audio] [slides].
  6. SwineCast Audio: How HSUS and McDonald’s are Moving to End Gestation Crates - McDonald's joined the Humane Society of the United States to announce a review of the use of gestation stalls in their supply chain. Dallas Hockman, National Pork Producer Council's Vice President of Industry Relations, discussed that announcement and how the industry might respond [audio].

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