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DairyCast Updte for March 15, 2012, Can I Maximize Return On My Forage Investment?

Information To Help Your Operations

  1. Audio: Can I Maximize Return On My Forage Investment? - David Fischer, retired University of Illinois extension specialist, recently shared the importance of properly managing critical periods in forage development and harvest to gain maximum value from those acres. He spoke at the recent JBS United Midwest Dairy Conference [audio].
  2. Video: Rumensin in Controlled-Energy Diet During the Dry Period - Joel Vasquez, JBS United Dairy Nutritionist, talks about controlled energy diets, how they are used, and what are some of the results from studying Rumensin in dairy operations [video].
  3. Audio: Is Bovine Tuberculosis In Your Area? - Mike Leffler, JBS United Nutritionist, shares an update on Bovine Tuberculosis and how to rebuild trust in the safety of the product [audio].
  4. Animal Biotechnology and Society (First-Year Seminar Course) - Dr. About Terry Etherton "My objective was for the students to learn about biotechnology AND engage in a learning activity about communicating science to society. I shared with the students that writing a blog would be a terrific learning experience about communicating science. You will be the "judge" of how well they did this" [blog].

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