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PoultryCast Update for March 16, 2012, Can You Control Mites?

New technologies come about in different ways. Research on mite control by feeding granulated sulfur is a good example. Some great thinking by Auburn University's Animal Science team presented at the International Poultry Scientific Forum highlights some of the details of discovery. But the surprise was an impact on ammonia excretion.

We are entering a period of volatility in feed grain prices. Short inventories with the possibility of some increase, but it all depends on yield. Economist Chris Hurt believes this is the catch up year as ethanol demands moderate. Do you see $4 corn or $8 corn and why? Let us know at

Information To Help Your Operations

  1. Audio: Are Feed Prices Finally Settling Down? - Dr. Chris Hurt, Purdue University, shares what's happening with less pressure from ethanol demand, inventories with trend-line yields, and prices moderating, albeit at higher levels than we'd like [audio].
  2. Audio: Feeding Granulated Sulfur To Control Mites? - Auburn University's Dr. Wallace Berry shared research at the International Poultry Scientific Forum which shows potential to control mites through feeding granulated sulfur.  However, in an even more promising outcome, the level of ammonia was also impacted [audio].
  3. Video: Antibiotic Product Development Challenges - Dr. Scott Brown, Senior Director of Metabolism and Safety, Pfizer Animal Health, presents some of the challenges in antibiotic product development in a rapidly changing global landscape. From the 2011 Antibiotic Use In Food Animals conference, October 26-27, 2011, Chicago, IL, USA. [video].
  4. Highlights: Commodity Classic - Did you miss the 2012 Commodity Classic in Nashville, TN? Or just too much to see? Here is a post with highlights from the event. Entertainment and food were core to the people attending. Plus the major grain groups met to work through policy and industry issues [highlights] [Twitter Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3].

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