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SwineCast Update for March 22, 2012, Legislative Policy and Pink Slime

SwineCast is across the beltway from Washington, D.C. this week for the National Pork Producers Council Legislative Action Conference. Over a hundred producers are talking with legislators on topics important to you. We'll be sharing key presentations from the conference but here's a teaser for you. NPPC's Vice-President for Domestic Policy, Audrey Adamson, joins us to discuss where her focus will be in coming months. Can you speak to these issues when asked by your legislator what's on your mind?

And ever had that sinking feeling you get when you see or hear something you KNOW can't be good? Beef producers got that as 'Pink Slime' grew into the issue that wouldn't die. Kansas State's John Gonzales shares what it is and what it does. 

SwineCast® Conversations

  1. Audio: Pink Slime Public Relations Nightmare - There's been much head-shaking and tongue-clucking over the unfolding "Pink Slime" fiasco which made its entry into social consciousness via social media, then exploded onto the national scene. Kansas State meat scientist John Gonzales shares information to better understand what the product is and to shed light on some repeatedly reported inaccuracies [audio].
  2. Audio: Future Of Swine Nutrition - Iowa State's Dr. John Patience shares his thoughts on the current state of swine nutrition and where profitable producers will focus in the future [audio] [full presentation video].
  3. Audio: Top Priorities At The Legislative Action Conference? - National Pork Producers Council Legislative Action Conference gets underway in Washington, D.C. this week. Producers are talking with legislators about feed availability and the farm bill. Audrey Adamson, NPPC's Vic-President for Domestic Policy, notes the timeliness and importance of the topics to be shared [audio].
  4. Video: Global Feed Economics in a Biofuel World - Dr. Chris Hurt shares some economics updates and what producers need to consider in their feed management as 2012 moves forward. Key take away: Swine producers have the financial ability to outbid ethanol producers for corn [video].

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