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BeefCast Update for March 28, 2012, Is Bovine Tuberculosis In Your Area?

Agriculture Telling its Story

  1. Audio: Can I Maximize Return On My Forage Investment? - David Fischer, retired University of Illinois extension specialist, recently shared the importance of properly managing critical periods in forage development and harvest to gain maximum value from those acres. He spoke at the recent JBS United Midwest Dairy Conference [audio].
  2. Audio: Pink Slime Public Relations Nightmare - There's been much head-shaking and tongue-clucking over the unfolding "Pink Slime" fiasco which made its entry into social consciousness via social media, then exploded onto the national scene. Kansas State meat scientist John Gonzales shares information to better understand what the product is and to shed light on some repeatedly reported inaccuracies [audio].
  3. Audio: Is Bovine Tuberculosis In Your Area? - Mike Leffler, JBS United Nutritionist, shares an update on Bovine Tuberculosis and how to rebuild trust in the safety of the product [audio].
  4. Chat: Eating Out with Chefs, Farmers & Foodies - What is your favorite restaurant and why? Do you look at food labels while eating out? As a restauranteur, do you connect with local farmers for food sources? This #FoodChat discusses eating out, being foodies, and what that connection means to consumers and farmers [chat].

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