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SwineCast Update For April 19, 2012, How Will the The Egg Bill Impact the Swine Industry?

It seems like there is a lot of opportunity for 'mischief' in Washington right now. We share a conversation with producer Bill Luckey on his congressional testimony about HR 3798. A.K.A. Egg Bill, is the bill which was the outcome of a United Egg Producers/Humane Society of the United States agreement. FYI, for more information on the UEP/HSUS agreement, UEP president Gene Gregory shares background with attendees at the National Institute for Animal Agriculture [video].

We're also seeing action on livestock use of antibiotics. NPPC Vice-President Dr. Howard Hill is offering his testimony today in Washington. We will be speaking with him after his return from the hill, so check back at for an update.

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SwineCast® Conversations

  1. Audio: How Will the The Egg Bill Impact the Swine Industry?
    - Bill Luckey provides input to Hill staffers on the concerns livestock producers have about the Egg Bill (a.k.a. HR 3798). The big concerns are that organizations like HSUS will use this type of proposed legislation in other areas of agriculture [audio].
  2. Audio: What Transportation Stressors Can Be Minimized Or Eliminated? - Canada's Prairie Swine Centre is joining with the Universities of Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Guelph and Laval University to identify transportation stressors which may lead to meat quality issues.This conversation with Dr. Yolande Seddon comes from Bruce Cochrane at [audio].
  3. Video: What is the African Swine Fever Situation in Russia? - African Swine Fever, aka Asfarviridae, a swine specific virus that does not effect humans, is a hardy virus. Dr. Lisa Becton, Director of Swine Health Information & Research, National Pork Board, digs into the specifics of this disease, the pig symptoms, and what can be done when an outbreak occurs. Is the US prepared [video]?
  4. Video: What Does an Influenza Surveillance Program Look Like? - What is involved with an influenza surveillance program and how do public health professionals, food animal production managers, and staff stay informed? Dr. Jennifer Koeman, Director of Producer Public Health, National Pork Board, highlights the influenza virus ecology and what is being don to communicate the ongoing research [video].

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