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PoultryCast update for April 27, 2012, Traceability Systems and Antibiotics

Is there a movement for antimicrobial clawback? How about animal welfare warfare? How do you track the legislation/regulation environment when on the one hand we're losing access to products that help maintain a safe food supply and healthy animals, and on the other hand we see our ability to manage animal housing being usurped by Washington? It's more than a bit frustrating as Gary Baise pointed out in the last email update [audio].

Dr. Christine Hoang, DVM, MPH, CPH, Assistant Director of the Division of Scientific Activities of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), shares a glimpse of this new world in her comments before the poultry committee at the recent National Institute for Animal Agriculture program in Denver. She's also featured in the AVMA series Chew On This [audio], plus she presented before the NIAA antibiotic group in March 2012 [video].

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Information To Help Your Operations

  1. Audio: How Will The Antimicrobial Regulation Revisions Affect Poultry? - The American Veterinary Medical Association is working to limit losses in the antimicrobial area of the animal health toolbox, as Dr. Christine Hoang notes in the brief segment from the recent National Institute for Animal Agriculture Annual Meeting [audio].
  2. Video: Veterinarian’s Oversight of Antimicrobials - Dr. Hoang details recent development on the bans on antimicrobials, labeling, and the impacts to food safety [video].
  3. Audio: USDA’s eICVI and Other Traceability Systems - How do vets, managers, inspectors, and service providers take on using electronic interstate certificate of veterinary inspection (eICVI) and make data exchange easier for everyone [audio]?
  4. Video: Free Range Grouse Or Classical Chicken - The Great Gonzo entertains us with his hen octet. You have to laugh when an ag issue like animal welfare makes it to the Muppets:) [video].

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