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BeefCast Update for April 30, 2012, Beef Production and Improving Feed Efficiency

Agriculture Telling its Story

  1. Video: Beef Production and Improving Feed Efficiency - Why should anyone care about feed efficiency and how is that important in the feedlot? Dr. Rod Hill, University of Idaho Department, suggests that in today's new era of higher feed costs, gains in efficiency are a must in cow-calf production processes [video].
  2. Video: Reporter's View on Foreign Animal Disease Occurrence - Mr. James Herlihy, U.S. Meat Export Federation, provides the reporters view of the aftermath of a foreign animal disease occurrence, food safety issues, or misreported animal food industry issues [video].
  3. Audio: EPA is Not On Agriculture's Side - Attorney and Illinois farmer Gary Baise once played a role in the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency.  He tells the annual meeting of theNational Institute for Animal Agriculture that the agency is now establishing regulations that will end modern agriculture [audio].
  4. Audio: Help or Get Out of the Way! - Ranchers do the right thing by the animals, consumers, and economy. But there is too much of a focus on a Sierra Club mentality and not to do things wisely. Tom Kourlis, Sheep & Cattle Rancher, Past Colorado Commissioner of Agriculture, shares some insights [audio].

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