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CropVillage Update for April 30, 2012, Any Farm Bill Action?

Information To Help Your Operations

  1. Video: Agriculture Is Talking But What Are They Hearing? - What are some of the ways to get out and share stories from agriculture? Jim Fraley, Illinois Farm Bureau, provides some guidance [video].
  2. Video: Managing for Optimum Forage Quality - David Fischer, University of Illinois Extension Dairy Director (retired), shares the importance of properly managing critical periods in forage development and harvest to gain maximum value from those acres. [video].
  3. Audio: Farm Bill Action In Washington - That's Good! - No, That's Bad - House Ag Committee Chair Congressman Frank Lucas recently spent some time with farmers walking through the current climate in Washington, D.C. and gave his thoughts on the next Farm Bill, where it stands and what might happen [audio].
  4. Video: Beef Production and Improving Feed Efficiency - Why should anyone care about feed efficiency and how is that important in the feedlot? Dr. Rod Hill, University of Idaho Department, suggests that in today's new era of higher feed costs, gains in efficiency are a must in cow-calf production processes [video].
  5. HayTalk: Farmers love Equipment, Tools & Accessories - Raising hay requires equipment. All kinds of equipment. And tools! This HayTalk shares thoughts and opinions on equipment and tools for 2012 and favorites amongst farmers and ranchers [chat].

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