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PoultryCast Update for May 14, 2011, Can You Build Retailer-Producer Relationships?

PoultryCast offers a great update on the Farm Bill discussion, with focus on legislation that impacts animal agriculture. Staffers expect possible floor debates on animal welfare concerns following the United Egg Producer - HSUS agreement [see Gene Gregory, President, United Egg Producers, presentation video]. Washington watchers seem evenly split on the chance of getting a new Farm Bill out the other end before the end of the year.

Another presentation just added to the PoultryCast episode list (which just passed 300) are comments helpful to building a better relationship with retailers and consumers. The expert on deck is Greg Ferrara, VP of Public Affairs for the National Grocers Association [audio].

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Information To Help Your Operations

  1. Video: Healthy Animals = Healthy Planet? - What are the effects of agriculture being connected to many things like nutrition, climate, and ecosystems? Eric Boles, University of Arkansas, highlights that everything in agriculture is connected. Take aways? We are having to figure out how to do more with less, one size fits all solutions do not exist, and strive for continuous improvement [video].
  2. Audio: Tracking The Elusive Farm Bill Negotiations - This is a breakdown of the current status of livestock provisions in the Farm Bill discussion by Anne Hazlett, chief counsel to the Senate Ag Committee, and Pete Thomson, senior professional staffer with the House Ag Committee, provide the highlights. The Animal Ag Alliance Stakeholder Summit in Arlington, VA marked the organization's 25th year of raising awareness of the value of animal agriculture to legislators and media [audio].
  3. Audio: Building Retailer-Producer Relationships - In the case of consumer concerns and food safety issues, "We can't wait a day or two. We've got to respond in minutes!" Greg Ferrara, VP of Public Affairs, National Grocers Association, offers this insight in today's social media world as he shares with the recent Stakeholders Summit of the Animal Agriculture Alliance meeting in Alexandria, VA [audio].

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