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PoultryCast Update for May 24, 2012, Housing Systems Impact on Welfare And Production

The Multi-State Poultry Feeding and Nutrition Conference is in Indianapolis this week, with attendance over past years. We'll share a couple of interesting pieces from that event held in conjunction with the DSM Nutritional Products Technical Symposium. From the symposium, a good specialty egg marketing presentation by Ms. Brandy Gamoning of Hidden Villa Ranch looks at the potential for growth in the segment and where the interest is. She provides great thoughts on the consumer perspective as well [audio].

Also a conversation re: housing impact on egg quality and food safety with Dr. Tony Pescatore, University of Kentucky extension specialist, highlights issues growers need to watch when considering major housing change and investment [audio].

Information To Help Your Operations

  1. Audio: Welfare And Production Impact Of Various Housing Systems - At the recent Multi-State Poultry Feeding and Nutrition Conference, Dr. Tony Pescatore, University of Kentucky extension specialist, presented on the "Impact of Housing on Poultry Well-being, Egg Quality and Safety." We discussed his presentation outside the meeting hall. His warning... Watch the opportunities for bias in research on 'best housing alternatives' [audio].
  2. Audio: What is Specialty Egg Marketing? - Ms. Brandy Gamoning, Hidden Villa Ranch Marketing Coordinator, shares consumer perspective on specialty egg segments and where the market is headed [audio].
  3. Video: Building Retailer-Producer Relationships - Agriculture has been in the main stream media several times this year. Janie Gabbett, Meatingplace Executive Editor, provides a perspective on where people get their news, how stories about agriculture spread, and what farmers and ranchers need to be aware of [video].
  4. Chat: Why Have Crop Insurance? - Crop insurance is way to help protect the business of raising crops from selected disasters. But what does it take to get crop insurance and what will it cover? This AgChat conversation shares thoughts and information on how to protect the business of farming from disaster. Extra: See the crop insurance resource page for links to finding crop insurance providers and what to do when disaster strikes [chat].

I want to wish everyone a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend. Remember to honor those who work each day to give us the freedoms we hold so dear.
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