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Truffle Media Update for May 30, 2012, Shared Values Across the Food Chain

Reminder: Agvocacy 2.0 Application Deadline June 4th - The deadline for the Agvocacy 2.0 social media training conference application is June 4th, 11:59pm ET. This two-day event in Kansas City, MO, includes sessions on the "Human Side of Social", "Beyond the Choir…Mom, Consumer, Registered Dietician, Chef Perspective", and "Why Farmers Need To Be On Pinterest" [session list].

Agri-Marketing Posts To Help You

Agri-Marketing Information

  1. Google Video: Build Your Brand on G+ - From the Google+ Photographer’s Conference, Guy Kawasaki, bestselling author of What the Plus! Google+ and Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions, provides a detailed look at how he uses Google+ for product and company branding [video].
  2. PoultryCast Audio: Specialty Egg Marketing - Ms. Brandy Gamoning, Marketing Coordinator with Hidden Villa Ranch, shares consumer perspectives on specialty egg segments and where the market is headed [audio].
  3. Truffle Video: Shared Values Across the Food Chain - How do food and consumers come together? In the US, many times it is at the grocery store. Consumers make their food choices and that message (through their purchases) get communicated back to production agriculture farms. Greg Ferrara, National Grocers Association, highlights how grocery stores can help educate and inform consumers on farmers' behalf [video].

Focus on Agriculture Issues

Focus on Agriculture Issues

  1. SwineCast Video: Are You Ready For The Fair Oaks Pig Adventure? - How can consumers learn more about swine farms and how pigs are raised? The Fair Oaks Pig Adventure is being designed as a place for everyone to learn more, see actual pigs in barns, and discover the activity required behind the scenes. Mike Platt, Indiana Pork Association Executive Director, provides an update on the educational venue [video].
  2. DairyCast Audio: FMD and A Secure Milk Supply? - Approximately two-thirds of countries world wide have foot and mouth disease (FMD). If the U.S. were to have an FMD outbreak it would have a serious financial impact on the milk industry. Dr. Pam Hullinger provides a summary and highlights some of the issues of being prepared for FMD, why it is important, and the current focus of the Secure Milk Supply project [audio] [More info in longer video].
  3. PoultryCast Audio: Housing System Impacts to Poultry Welfare - Dr. Tony Pescatore, University of Kentucky extension specialist, presented on the "Impact of Housing on Poultry Well-being, Egg Quality and Safety." We discussed his presentation outside the meeting hall. His warning... Watch the opportunities for bias in research on 'best housing alternatives' [audio].

Agriculture and the Media

Agriculture in the Media

  1. Video: Deconstruction Of Agriculture Media Stories - Agriculture has been in the main stream media several times this year. Janie Gabbett, Meatingplace Executive Editor, provides a perspective on where people get their news, how stories about agriculture spread, and what farmers and ranchers need to be aware of [video].
  2. Video: Agriculture's Voice in Today's Media - Helena Bottemiller, Food Safety News Washington Correspondent, provides perspective on how media flows with respect to food, agriculture, and safety [video].

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