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BeefCast update for May 30, 2012, Are There Impacts to Regulating Animal Agriculture?

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  1. Audio: Are There Impacts to Regulating Animal Agriculture? - Modern animal ag has become a math problem: reduced land use, more people, more food consumption, less water, and transit costs changing. Add in the need to be global and the need to understand animal welfare and the idea of raising livestock become more complex. Dr. Anthony Frank, DVM, President, Colorado State University, suggests farmers and ranchers need to avoid the trap question "Do you want safe food or affordable food?" and that the real answer is to provide both and turn back to the dialog within the middle ground [audio].
  2. Audio: Electronic Device Information at Slaughter Plants - How is animal identification information getting collected in slaughter houses? Zach Ireland, Director of Grading, JBS, provides a detailed account on what is done and who plays a part. He also provides input into proposed updates to rules on animal identification. Electronic id methods are the best because of data integrity and quick collection [audio].
  3. Video: Practical Application of Genomic Technology - What are the practical applications of genomic technology on dairy and beef farms? Adam Griffin, Herd Advancement Services, Holstein Association USA, Inc., provides some insights [video].

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