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Truffle Media Update for June 20, 2012, Talk to Normal People (About Agriculture)

Agri-Marketing Posts To Help You

agriculture and media

  1. Audio: How to Talk to Normal People (About Agriculture) - Shawn Lawrence Otto, author of Fool Me Twice: Fighting the Assault on Science in America and cofounder of, shares several points on how science is expanding and connecting with more people. In animal agriculture there are many science driven environmental challenges. How can science, information, and politics play out when the people connections are many and multiple views of science exist [audio]?
  2. Blog: Your Inbox is SO – Email Marketing Tips - Chris Brogan reminds us that email is still the way to many people's hearts and minds. He suggests several approaches to developing two way attention and offers reminders on good email practices. This is also a refresh for those that have been doing email marketing for a while [blog].
  3. Video: 5 Things Every Presenter Should Know About People - This video is really a starting point to the book 100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People by Dr. Susan Weinschenk. The book is good for people working on their next presentation, web designers thinking about information design, and marketers thinking about increasing the connectivity of their product to customers. Easy to read, quick to grasp, there are take aways at each section to help improve your next project [video].

Focus on Agriculture Issues

people and agriculture

  1. Audio: Protecting Farmers' Rights at the State Level - Sue Wallis, Representative, Wyoming State Legislature, talks about what is going on at the state level, with respect to agriculture, politics, and the current relationship states have with various animal rights groups [audio].
  2. SwineCast Video: Secure Pork Supply Plan - If Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) were to appear in the US, what would farmers, ranchers, and business do? This presentation reviews the Secure Pork Supply Plan, who is involved, what needs to be done, and how producers need to develop their biosecurity plans [video] [Related plan for dairy video].
  3. PoultryCast Audio: Specialty Egg Marketing - Ms. Brandy Gamoning, Marketing Coordinator with Hidden Villa Ranch, shares consumer perspectives on specialty egg segments and where the market is headed [audio].

Agriculture and the Media

agriculture and issues

  1. Video: Doing what’s right vs. looking for the camera - Lynn Becker, Pork Producer, shares his experiences of buying a new swine production unit only to discover that an undercover video was shot in the new facility. He describes the impact, the actions, and the connections he made during the media crisis [video].
  2. Blog: Why Newspapers Were Doomed All Along - Justin Fox on the Harvard Business Review Blog Network offers some key points on the economics of newspapers and how today the newspaper business model is falling apart [blog].
  3. Video: How to clean up audio from iPhone video interviews - Christopher S. Penn provides a short and simple "how to" video on improving interviews recorded on your iPhone [video].

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