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CropVillage Update for June 27, 2012, Normal People About Agriculture?

Information To Help Your Operations

  • DairyCast audio: Farm Bill Passes Senate Without HSUS-Egg Amendment - Troy Dumler, Economist, Kansas State, discusses the details in the recently passed Senate version of the 2012 U.S. Farm Bill. The HSUS-UEP Egg Bill amendment did not get added to the passed version while direct payments were replaced with additional crop insurance support [audio].
  • Video: How To Look At The Weather - High temperatures across the USA have been a departure from the 1981 2010 average. The persistent heat from the summer of 2011 had more than 70 days over 100 degrees in some spots across the USA and every state has had temps over 100 degrees. What are the impacts on agriculture going forward? What should we do? Dr. Elwynn Taylor, Climatologist, Ag Meteorologist, Iowa State University, provides a thoughtful look into what is happening [video].
  • Blog: What Are Your Monday Morning Animal Adventures? - Brian Scott, a 4th generation farmer and '03 Purdue Ag Alum raising corn, soybeans, popcorn, and wheat in NW Indiana, shared an adventure of discovery when his Grandpa started loading a truck with corn and loaded up two young raccoons in the process. The images and the short video Brian shared offer a humorous glimpse into how nature is very much a part of farming [blog].


  • SwineCast Audio: Where Are We On Air And Water Environmental Regulation? - Air quality standards have not gone away for livestock producers and the farmers are still fighting against burdensome water run-off regulation. National Pork Producers Council Chief Environmental Council Michael Formica briefs the media and producers at the recent World Pork Expo [audio].
  • Audio: How Do You Talk to Normal People About Agriculture? - Shawn Lawrence Otto, author of Fool Me Twice: Fighting the Assault on Science in America and cofounder of, shares several points on how science is expanding and connecting with more people. In animal agriculture there are many science driven environmental challenges. How can science, information, and politics play out when the people connections are many and multiple views of science exist [audio]?

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