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SwineCast Update for June 28, 2012, What's In Common with U.S. - Canadian Swine Industry?

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Economic Grain Situation and Outlook

  • Video: Economic Grain Situation and Outlook - I am NOT opposed to ethanol. I do prefer it aged in oaken barrels or pretty glass bottles! sums up how Dr. Steve Meyers feels about corn used in ethanol. This presentation (with lots of charts for the data included) shares some other thoughts about the markets, grain, and the future of animal feed [video].
  • Video: Doing What’s Right vs. Looking for the Camera - Lynn Becker, Pork Producer, shares what happened to him when his newly purchased swine unit was the focus of an undercover video. While he was not the owner during the video, he inherited the issues of dealing with the media, working with his business partners to keep them involved, and protecting his family from the media avalanche [video].
  • Video: Secure Pork Supply Plan - If Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) were to appear in the US, what would farmers, ranchers, and business do? This presentation reviews the Secure Pork Supply Plan, who is involved, what needs to be done, and how producers need to develop their biosecurity plans [video] [Related plan for dairy video].

SwineCast ConferenceConnection

Conference Connection: Pork Academy - Sow housing options was just one of the important topics on the 2012 World Pork Expo agenda. The National Pork Producers Council shares why the debate needs to include producers in the future [audio]. Additional information on the animal health discussions along with a "We Care" program update [video] are also available via this Pork Checkoff supported page [page].

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